Waffle Weave Towels Are a Great Addition to Your Home Decor Whether in the Bathroom Or Kitchen

When you begin looking for just the right towels in your home, you have a lot of choices. Just think of it. You can choose from all different kinds of fabric including Egyptian cotton and microfiber these days. You can towels so plush you feel like you are being wrapped in a warm cloud in the bathroom. You can even purchase waffle weave towels that will provide you with its benefits in both kitchen and bathroom.

What are we talking about when we talk about waffle weave towels? Waffle weave, as the name implies, is a special way in which the fabric is woven. When done, it looks like a waffle that you might eat for breakfast. There are sunken squares in the middle surrounded by a raised ridge around each side of the square.

This kind of fabric comes in several different weights that are applicable for different kinds of jobs. A lightweight waffle weave cotton kitchen towel is great for wiping up spills and drying the dishes. One great benefit of this type of woven fabric is that it will dry faster meaning you will find your kitchen towel dries quickly after drying the dishes.

In a microfiber fabric, this kind of weaving also makes a great addition outside as a drying cloth after washing the car. Not only does the microfiber not scratch, the waffle weave is usually able to absorb all the moisture from the car without having to be wrung out every two seconds. It will help leave you with a beautiful finish on your care with no streaks.

In the bathroom, waffle weave towels dry faster as well which can be beneficial in more humid climates. Not only do they dry faster between baths or showers, the distinctive weave adds a special something to your bathroom decor. Just imagine that look in wonderful cotton bath towels and how it will look hanging on your towel bars. Just imagine the touch it will bring wrapped around you in your own indoor sauna.

There aren’t a lot of different kinds of weave that look good and perform as well as waffle weave towels in different situations. However, these will provide you with not only a great addition to your home decor, they have a distinct benefit in the way the weave allows air to flow through the fabric which creates a faster drying time. Check out what these distinctive towels can do for your kitchen, bathroom and even outdoors.