How to Better Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

Meryl Streep, upon receiving a motherhood award, credited her own mother with teaching her one of the keys to running a home smoothly: “A place for everything, everything in its place.”

That sounds simple, but isn’t. To put everything away so you can clean, you must have a place for everything to be put away in. The place must also be convenient, and easy to access, or you won’t use it.

Fast and efficient cleaning becomes crucial in the bathroom and kitchen, where wet surfaces could potentially harbor bacteria and mold. You need to get stuff out of the way, using proper storage solutions, so that you’ll be able to quickly wipe away wetness and dirt after each use.

For instance, how many times have you left dishes in the drain because to put them in the cabinet, you’d have to lift other dishes to stack them? If you had a cupboard with a slotted bottom, you could put the dishes in there as you would a dish rack, without lifting anything else. If you had the cabinet with the slots over the sink, you could put the dishes away wet, and they’d drain into the sink. You could also put the slotted cabinet over a fern who’d appreciate the drips.

The same principles apply in bathrooms, where you can organize your wet items on a rack where they get to dry while properly and neatly stored out of sight.

The storage areas themselves can be decorative elements that create atmosphere. Well crafted bamboo wood is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because it is beautiful, strong, eco-friendly, and dries well to prevent bacterial build up.

Taking the clutter out of the way, means you can wipe surfaces clean in seconds, allowing you to quickly disinfect and dry out counter tops, sinks and any other potentially wet surface. With no puddles and less humidity, grime and bacteria lose their hold and your home becomes cleaner and healthier.

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