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Don’t Just Use The Bathroom – Enjoy It

The bathroom used to be the place in the home that was simply intended for carrying out very specific functions. It was not a place where you lingered — you stayed there as long as necessary and no longer. The concept of bathrooms is now changing dramatically, and many people are aiming to make their bathroom a place where they can actually enjoy spending time.

More And More Features
For example, at one time a bathroom simply contained the basic fixtures that were necessary for carrying out the required functions. Nowadays, in order to make bathrooms more pleasant places to be, more and more fixtures are being installed, and most of these will be electrical items. These might include jacuzzis, different types of heating solutions, and even entertainment systems.

One difficulty with this, of course, is that the traditional bathroom contained few, if any, electrical outlets, as these had always been considered too dangerous. Now, however, it is possible to install sockets at suitable places in the bathroom — these of course will be specific types of socket which are compliant with safety regulations. These must only be installed by a qualified person.

Enhance Your Enjoyment
Assuming you have sufficient outlets, there is really very little limit on how you can transform your bathroom space. It is even possible to install an entertainment system, including a waterproof TV — which will be resistant to steam as well as water — and MP3 speakers, mirrors and radios actually built into the walls. Do not be tempted to use your ordinary TV or radio with an extension lead — the system must be specially designed for bathroom use in order to be safe.

If a bathroom entertainment system is a bit beyond your requirements, or your means, there are still plenty of other ideas for enhancing your enjoyment of this essential room. Steam-resistant heated mirrors, or heated towel rails, are simple ideas which can make a big difference, or you can now have a completely separate set of lighting around the vanity area. More and more people are now installing electric showers, which are very useful because they provide hot water at any time of day or night.

Lifestyle Choice
The idea of a bathroom as a purely utility area for basic functions is very much in the past. The bathroom can be as important a part of your lifestyle choices as your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Just remember to call on a qualified electrician to make sure the transformation is carried out correctly and safely.

Ambient Lighting in the Bathroom

Few people know what ‘ambient’ lighting is, whether it’s a general light or another added layer of light in an entire lighting scheme. This makes it difficult to create ambient lighting in a bathroom setting, especially if one does not know what ambient lighting is to begin with.

What is Ambient Lighting?

This term typically refers to a group of lighting fixtures that work together to create a general illumination in a space. Depending on the room, this could include table and ceiling lamps in a bedroom or pendants, under cabinet lights and an overhead ceiling pendant in a kitchen.

Tips and Tricks for the Bathroom

Since ambient lighting refers to all of the light in a room working together, start at the vanity in your bathroom space. Your vanity should have what is called “cross illumination.” Cross illumination is a trick in which two lamps such as wall sconces or pendant lights, are installed on either side of the mirror. A third one is installed over the top of the mirror, thus creating cross illumination. Cross illumination is ideal because it does not create any shadows on the face, which is ideal for makeup application and other self grooming, self primping tasks.

Next, it’s important to remember that even if your bathroom is a small space, you’ll still need to mix and match different lights together to create adequate illumination in the space. In a powder room, a single one may be suffice, but only if the bathroom is not regularly used for primping, such as makeup application or styling hair. Otherwise, multiple lamps are key for ambient lighting.

Decorative lighting is also a must in the bathroom space. Bathrooms are notorious for being difficult to decorate, which often leads to tacky shower curtains, cheesy bath rugs and perhaps a little glass statue or figurine on the countertop to “pull the look together.” Instead, why not focus on the icing on the cake? Unique ways to do this include chandeliers, elegant wall sconces or even recessed lights to highlight specific architectural elements of the bathroom space.

Finally, don’t forget to layer your lighting to create a unique atmosphere in your kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and bathroom. It can make all the difference to your space and doesn’t have to be expensive. This means incorporating multiple light fixtures into a single bathroom space to create said ambient lighting.

The Role of the Bathroom

There is nothing that people like more than fresh food and fresh bathroom supplies. We Americans love food, and love our bathrooms. Many would say that men in particular have a strong connection to the bathroom. For men, the bathroom is the Holy Grail of privacy and an excellent thinking location. So to keep this sacred spot organized, one might consider getting a bathroom wall cabinet. Food is also of paramount importance to people. We would die without it and that doesn’t sound like fun. In order to avoid that scenario, a pantry cabinet and a kitchen pantry storage unit would be awesome to keep ingredients fresh and tasty.

The bathroom is sometimes the most fun place in a house. Showering happens there, which is always a good thing. Hygiene is important for attracting members of the opposite gender and just generally not being a slob. Also, many great thoughts come to people while sitting on the toilet, however crude that may seem. In order to make sure that people maximize the fun of their bathroom, a space saving unit in the area may sometimes be helpful. The user of said unit may keep anything in there, from shampoo and soap to a magazine or book, just in case. Everyone should enjoy their bathroom experience, and a space saver attached to a part of the water closet can make sure that is possible.

Another often exciting part of a home is the kitchen. Hopefully the place in the house where the best smells come from, everybody loves their kitchen. Due to the popularity of the kitchen, many of them become cluttered because people will just come through them and take what they want, leaving other things out of place, out on a counter top, or in the way of something else. Nobody wants a kitchen that they can’t find their way around, so the quick fix to this problem is getting something to create space in the kitchen so that nobody can get away with putting things where they don’t belong.

Some people are unfortunate enough to not have a pantry. Well, there is a simple solution to that problem to, get a food store. Food cupboard are a great place to store non-perishable food items. Food items that can be put in a food cupboard include: Potato chips, cereal, pretzels, peanuts and more. And let’s be honest, everybody who is anybody loves all of those things. The food cupboard is the most important place to keep organized in any home because there is really no other good place to put all the delicious processed foods that we all like so much. The bathroom wouldn’t be a good place for those things, neither would the family room, or somebody’s bedroom.

Men in particular love the bathroom of a house, while everybody loves the kitchen. Food is great, and the bathroom is an extremely versatile part of the modern home. The world would not be nearly as good as place as it is now if not for those bastions of sanity the bathroom and the kitchen. So everyone should try and keep those places as clean and organized as possible, so they can maximize their potential.